The Pilates Gym

Are you concerned about an issue and want to do Pilates but cant afford private Pilates lessons? Maybe you’ve considered doing lower priced group classes, but they are too fast paced?

Or maybe you’ve done Reformer Classes for awhile and have become bored…you are ready to try advances exercises.

For half the price of a private lesson, you can try the “Pilates Gym” option instead of a group Equipment Class.

“The Pilates Gym” is a semi-private space where a limited number of clients are supervised while they use the Pilates equipment. Each client works on a custom program that is reviewed and updated periodically as they progress. The benefit of this approach lets clients achieve specific goals that are sometimes not possible in a class setting. Apparatus, unique techniques, and advanced exercises that are usually only reserved for private lessons can be done in the “Pilates Gym”. Clients gain autonomy, faster progress, and have enjoyment learning more Pilates exercises- all at a lower price point than a private lesson.

To get started with “Gym” sessions, you must first have one or more private sessions with Lindsay. This is where we will craft your personal Pilates program and train you to use the apparatus safely. You can choose from either a half session which is 25 mins or full session which is 50 mins-depending on your needs and budget. At your first appointment we will determine how many privates you will need before joining the Gym time. To set up your first private appointment, click HERE