Private Lessons

Pilates is fundamental movement to keep us strong and youthful as we age and fight the effects of gravity.

The repertoire and true power of Pilates is experienced mainly through the “Quintessential Private Lesson”.  Joseph Pilates’ amazing “machines” as they were designed, were made specifically for private lessons. And the depth of his method is only realized through moving with the Pilates apparatus.

Joseph developed his method first on the mat, but when he saw that the ordinary person was not strong enough to properly execute his vision for the matwork, he invented “machines” for assistance: The Cadillac (trapeze table), The Reformer, The Chair, The Ladder Barrel, The Spine Corrector, etc…  These Pilates “machines” actually train the student what they should be feeling when doing certain exercises and give the client strength from a deeper place. They guide, challenge, support and are therapeutic in nature.

At your private lesson we will be working with all Machines listed above. We will work on core strength, joint mobility, spinal health, proper muscle activation, and the alignment of your skeleton as you move through space.

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“What are the benefits of Pilates?”