*The matwork at Hometown Pilates is a combination of Restorative Exercise and Pilates.* Every week is different-some weeks we may do all Restorative work, others we may do the classical Pilates matwork sequence or a mix in between.

This class is excellent for people at a beginning level of fitness or for athletes who want to maintain a balanced body. Focus is on breathing, alignment, core strength and flexibility. No experience required.


this class covers most of my physical therapy homework!“- Mat Student

Joseph Pilates teaching mat class. Exercise: “Teaser”


Hometown Pilates mat class in “Plank”


Wear closer fitting comfortable workout clothes. Yoga pants and leggings are great. No shoes, belts, jeans, or extremely baggy outfits. We normally are barefoot in class but you may also wear Toesox. For all types of classes please note….

– Payment due upon first class.

– Bring your own mat or borrow one from the studio (limited supply).

– Bring your water bottle.

– A changing room is available.

– No perfume, cologne or heavily scented lotions-

– Please call or email Lindsay prior to your first class if you are pregnant or have special needs about your body (past or current injuries or surgical alterations that I should know about). And please let me know if you develop pain at any point during the class, or feel unsure about moving a certain way. We will work together to find a modification that you feel comfortable about. Thank you!