NEW CLIENTS $75 for two semi private sessions and consult package


$200 for three private lessons


Joseph Pilates teaching mat class.

New Client Beginner Package:

3 Private Lessons with Lindsay for $206

click HERE to use our contact form and set your up your first appointment, or call: 608-571-4558

It is recommended that all new clients start with this package. Private lessons are ideal for people who are recovering from an injury or have specific limitations; but they are also necessary for understanding good technique. Lindsay will customize a plan to what your body needs, so you can achieve your goals faster. After your three sessions you may decide to continue meeting privately, or decide to join semi private classes. Mat class is available without requiring private lessons, although if you have concerns it may be best to have a half private session before attending mat class.  


Are you interested in trying semi private pilates? Please choose the 25 minute private lesson option in the scheduler and check out with the $75 New Client Package. Register HERE Thank you. 



On a tight budget?

The Homework Plan: You will need a private session with Lindsay prior to starting your plan. Afterwards, it will be $45 per month for one half private lesson (25 mins) per month. We will review your customized homework plan and keep you accountable to your goals. This plan can be built into a whole private lesson (50 mins), or more frequent meetings (weekly or biweekly). 

Are you interested in trying Private Lessons?

The repertoire and true power of Pilates is experienced mainly through the “Quintessential Private Lesson”.  Joseph Pilates’ amazing “machines” as they were designed, were made specifically for private lessons. And the depth of his method is only realized through moving with the Pilates apparatus. Visit HERE to learn more about why private lessons are for everyone how they will  enhance your life!

Schedule your first appointment by contacting Lindsay through the Contact form.



Wear closer fitting comfortable workout clothes. Yoga pants and leggings are great. No shoes, belts, jeans, or extremely baggy outfits. It is strongly encouraged to wear Toesox or sticky socks to all lessons. 

– Payment due upon first class.

– Bring your own mat if you are attending mat class

– Bring your water bottle.

– No perfume, cologne, heavily scented lotions, fabric softeners, or body sprays 

– Please call or email Lindsay prior to your first class if you are pregnant or have special needs about your body (past or current injuries or surgical alterations that I should know about). And please let me know if you develop pain at any point during the class, or feel unsure about moving a certain way. We will work together to find a modification that you feel comfortable about. Thank you!