Movement for Life

This class is based off of the work of Katy Bowman, biomechanist and creator of Nutritious Movement™. As a student teacher in the Nutritious Movement training program, Lindsay offers these workshops twice a month. We cover how to find your alignment points, biomechanic education and how to incorporate more natural movement into your lifestyle. All equipment is supplied in this class- as bolsters, blocks, and straps etc. You are expected to practice what you learn on your own and integrate it into your daily habits. Proper alignment is the difference between  giving the body good “nutrition” or letting it wear down and deteriorate.

If you are looking for natural and sustainable answers in our world of chronic pain, ailments and degeneration, examining how you move is key. Exercising only a few hours a week is good, but there are many more parts to your body than just your cardiovascular system and muscles. People often forget about how important bones, cells, and  organs (including eyes, ears, and skin) are and how much they contribute to leading a happy healthy and satisfying life. Which, isn’t this the reason why we “exercise” in the first place?

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You may also check out books written by Katy Bowman from the Hometown Pilates lending library!