My Garden

Photos of my garden in 2017


Giant hosta ‘Blue Angel’ in all its glory! Other hosta friends Olive Bailey and Dancing Queen in the background.


Sum and Substance, Clear Forks, Blue Angel and Titanic hosta line up



June 20th- the Asiatic Lily Show. The shorter groups of lilies are apart of the ‘Tiny’ Lily series: Tiny Rocket, Tiny Skyline, Tiny Toon etc. the taller ones are regular asiatic lilies. Included in the pictures are ‘Julia Child’ yellow floribunda rose at the end of its 1st flush. And there’s another peach colored mini rose near my hot pink lily grouping. This mini rose is actually a survivor of a potted ‘houseplant gift’ type of rose from a floral shop- it loves the outdoors! It has no name.




Cuthbert Grant red rose- June flush.

The Peony Show Late May and Early June 2017

Antique Peony (from my great grandmas garden passed down to me) and ‘Kansas’ is the dark pink one to the right.

‘Kansas’ with a yellow Peony- ‘Sarah Bartzella’, peeking around from the behind. White peony ‘Festiva Maxima’ down by the electric boxes

‘Sarah Bartzella’ Hybrid Tree /Herbacious Peony

Beautiful red ‘Buckeye Belle’ Peony


A Bouquet from the garden featuring ‘Sarah Bernardt’ (the light pink ones) which smell wonderfully! My favorite smelling peony. And the white ‘Festiva Maxima’. These flowers scented up my whole kitchen 🙂